About us

Forest Trafic, S.L. established in 1994, is a Spanish leading company following three main business lines:

Technical board designer & manufacturer:

Following the design and mechanical needs of our clients, our experienced technical team manufactures and customizes boards in order to satisfy any technical or design requirement.

Plywood boards wholesaler:

With a stock never below 2.000m3 of plywood boards, we are one of the main plywood wholesalers in the Iberian Peninsula.

Finished pieces manufacturer:

With our latest technologyequipment and skilled staff, we can meet all your requirements in terms of finished pieces or intermediate production phases. Please visit “Services” appendix for more info.

Also present in the Portuguese market since 1998, and after our expansion process in 2008, we have spread our international presence to all corners of the EU. We currently have clients in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium and Denmark. Furthermore, our position as a renowned company in the plywood and technical board manufacturing sector, enables us to participate on very ambitious domestic and international projects along with our partners and customers. In this field, we have met the needs of our customers and provided solutions all around the world. Visit “Projects” appendix for more info.

  • Insulation

    Cores made of polyurethane, polystyrene, mineral wood…
  • Light materials

    Cores made of Honeycomb® PP, Honeycomb® Aluminium…
  • Ecological materials

    Cores made of cork, ochroma pyramidale…


Aiming to streamline our customers’ operations and improve their competitiveness, we offer the following high added-value services on our facilities:


    We carry out operations such as tailor-made high speed grooving for skirting and decorative boards.


    We have two high-speed Giben cutting machines for projects that require cut flexibility and one Zaffaronni cutting machine for bigger projects.


    This represents an essential service for many high added-value projects. We calibrate boards with up to 2.000 mm width. Tolerance between 0 and +0, 2 mm.


    Using a last generation glue application system HOMAG for PUR adhesives and continuous engineered roll press, we can produce overlays with natural woods and many different materials like HPL, metals, etc.


    Varnish system, laser, fireproof varnishes, water-based varnishes, etc. We also offer fireproof varnishes (M1).


    Tongue-and-groove joint/shaping of any piece or board under requirement.


    We have two CNC machines using the latest technology, which enable us to mechanise with CAM programming any piece in 2 dimensions.


    Thanks to our volume of shipments and the development of our own specific software, we calculate transport costs taking as reference 23 agencies, to ALWAYS offer the best price to our customers.